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Audio Mixer - Pocket DAW
Audio Mixer ist Pro-DAW, um REMIXES und MASHUPS zu schaffen. 
Verbinden Sie Tracks zusammen, fügen Sie BEATS und ONE SHOTS hinzu
Verbessern Sie Ihre Musik mit betäubenden AUDIOEFFEKTEN.

What’s Audio Mixer - Pocket DAW capable of?
- Importing any song from your device;
- Splitting songs together to create awesome mashups;
- Free cutting, copying, cropping, pasting and rotating of the segments;
- Adding stunning FX sound effects;
- Adjusting the loudness and frequencies;

Audio Mixer - Pocket DAW is a kind of app that sound makers – both beginners and pros – fall in love with. As the interface is clear and convenient, the app inspires you to try out all your music ideas and reveal your creativity right away. Discover new sound combinations that fit each other perfectly. Let your talent expose, follow your feelings and intuition and create a mix that your friends will listen over and over again!