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Vintage Rhodes Piano
Vintage Rhodes Piano
Jazz, rock and pop music is inside Vintagel Rhodes Piano, the application that simulates the Rhodes and electric piano sounds. 
Vintage double keyboard, voices of glockenspiel and celesta is a simple in use application for recording, training and playing. 
According to chosen preset you may reproduce the play of famous musicians like Paganini, Beethoven and other piano virtuosos.

HOW TO USE: The first thing is to choose a mode: training or playing. In train mode you have a list of chords and compositions, Illuminating keys will help you to learn a whole nocturne. In playing mode you are free to improvise or to practice. Meanwhile you may use an extra option - recording the voice.

Vintage Rhodes Piano features:
- Excellent in order of merit simulator; 
- Entertaining trainer mode;
- Rich set of HQ sounds, presets and melodies;
- Feature to record the voice;

Vintage Rhodes Piano is great instrument in a musical kit of your devices.