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Paid Up,  vocal training app, singing app
Vocal Up
Vocal Up,  vocal training app, singing app
Vocal Up,  vocal training app, singing app
Vocal Up,  vocal training app, singing app
Do you think you are a promising singer? Want to sharpen your vocal skills and strengthen your voice? Then our new Vocal Up app is something you need. You don’t have to spend money on professional vocal lessons and surf the Internet looking for appropriate warm-up exercises - just get our vocal training app. The new Vocal Up has everything for you to unlock your vocal potential and develop your singing abilities.

Vocal Up is a must-have for both professional singers and beginners: interesting and effective warm-ups are useful for pro vocalists and provided voice exercises in one singing app.

HOW TO USE: Choose from a variety of exercises and warm-ups that you want to practice. You can use the metronome if needed. Record your voice to see how well you did this or that exercise. Use recordings to keep track of your progress. Practice more often for better results!

Vocal Up features:
- Essential vocal training app for professional singers and beginners;
- Plenty of different vocal exercises and warm-ups;
- User-friendly interface that allows to begin doing exercises right on the spot;
- HQ sounds and recordings; 
- Useful singing app not only for vocalists, but for all musicians as well.

Learning how to sing is easier than it seems to be! Just try Vocal Up and get a bit closer to your music dream!