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Black Friday sale on Music Paradise!
Attention! Music Paradise officially joins the Black Friday madness. Now our users can grab a whole kit of applications for sound editing and music making for an unbelievably low price. The products that got included in the app sales spree are: DJ Mix Pads 2, Audio Editor, Pro Microphone, and Spectrum Analyzer. Discounts ranging from 25% to 75% are available…
Music Paradise Library, iOS audiobooks, audiobook player app
Add some new iOS audiobooks to your collection with Music Paradise Library!
If you love reading, but don't have enough time to do it, audiobooks become your best friends. You can enjoy your favourite books while you're driving, cleaning a room or even taking a bath. For all fans of audiobooks we offer a new Music Paradise Library app. Downloading this audiobook player app, you get access to a great collection…
Self Rap, rap maker app
Yo! Meet a great update of our rap maker app!
Yo! We prepared one more update for our users. Meet Self Rap Version 8.0! It is not just a rap maker app anymore: it is a real Hip-Hop Community. Self Rap offers you a wide list of backing tracks of different rap genres, possibility to rap in 2 ways: talking and recording first or choosing a backing track at…
DJ Mix Pads 2, social dj app
An unexpected turn: DJ Mix Pads 2 upgrades to become a social DJ app!
The latest update of the hit that has long won popularity among our users has enriched the app’s functionality like never before. Now it offers not only a full kit of tools for composing tracks, but also a way to make a name for yourself among your peers! The new DJ Mix Pads 2, while keeping its personalized music…
MixWave, free recording app
Meet our new free recording app - MixWave!
Dear friends! We’re glad to inform you about our new release: meet MixWave! This is the best summer gift for those who want to record their own track. What exactly will you be able to do using this free recording app?  You can create your own music with the help of a large library of samples and loops, add…
Drum Simulator, drum app for iphone
Meet a new drum app for iPhone and iPad.
Dreaming to get a cool drum app for iPhone? Music Paradise company presents to the music lovers' judgment a new application - Drum Simulator. Learn or practice playing drums using your iOS device. Here we prepared for you: different drum kits, various modes of the game and only the most popular music genres. Play, have fun, record your track, share it…
Argentina Scratch, free dj app
Argentina Scratch – a free DJ app for Windows 10.
Meet our new free DJ app for Windows 10 – Argentina Scratch. Here you’ll find a scratching turntable, some beat pads and volume adjust function. Create your own track without any efforts. Just tap and slide to make a perfect sound, add some effects, correct loudness and record the result. If you want to be a scratcher master, try this app…
A Song A Day
A Song A Day: a new format of music recommendation service.
Have you heard anything about A Song A Day? This is a platform for real music lovers, some kind of recommendation service, but these recommendations on what to listen to you get from real people. You just need to fill out a form and you'll start to get e-mails with songs music experts and volunteer curators of the project…
guitar application
Meet a new guitar application.
Hey, music lovers! Great news for you: Music Paradise has released a new guitar application - Guitar Star - Pop Songs Play. Here you'll find 3 types of guitars: Acoustic, Country and Electro. Just tap on the strings and play a song. …
ios mic
A new full version of iOS mic app - Pro Microphone 2.
Meet a new full version of our microphone app  - Pro Microphone 2. If you can't imagine your life without singing or just need a powerful mic application, this product will be the best solution. With Pro Microphone 2 you can record a song with backing tracks, sound effects and rhythme. Here you’ll also find: a tutorial, 5 loop records,10…
listen to music together
Listen to music together: a new music player app.
  Lovers want to spend all their free time together, but one can't dismiss the individuality of each person. Music Paradise offers you the best solution: Two Channel Player For Couples app! Listen to music together, but choose a track separately. The idea  of the app is really cool: you can listen different ‪songs‬ using just one set of‪ headphones‬.  - Halved screen for independent player using; - Playlist…
make music day
Join Make Music Day!
There are so many nice festivals in the world. Now you have a chance to join the worldwide celebration of music – Make Music Day. This event will take place on June 21st. It was launched in 1982 and now over 700 cities are taking part in this holiday. Everyone, who loves music, is welcome to join. Musicians of…
app store apps
Dj Mix pads 2 recognized as one of the best new App Store apps!
We're proud to inform our visitors that one of viral apps Dj Mix pads 2 has gained some impressive recognition on the US App Store! This week the application has made it into the list of featured new releases that are deemed to be the cream of the crop among thousands of App Store apps that get uploaded on…
Self Rap app for rap lovers!
Yo, Bro! Do you want to create your own rap song? It is not just a dream any more! Meet Self Rap app. Just record a short track and add background music. This app will transform your words into a rap composition and automatically correct your freestyle. Different rap genres from east coast rap to old school rap are waiting…
sound amplifier app
Meet a new sound amplifier app - Music Improver 2!
  Welcome our new app - Music Improver 2. Improve and boost your music's quality on your iPhone. Upload music from the device, use presets to improve music and save it. You can listen to 10 demo tracks to understand how presets affect the music and what audio effects sound like in this sound amplifier app.…
Groove Pads' update.
And one more update: Groove Pads! In this update we've added: a new shop with awesome presets in popular music genres: - Dubstep; - Drum And Bass. This app is famous by 3 music styles (electro, garage, trap) and 24 samples for each style.  …
dj mixing app
A fresh release of our most popular DJ mixing app.
We've released an update of our top DJ mixing app - DJ Mix Pads 2. In this version we've included the shop with brand new cool sound effects and popular music genres waiting for you: -future bass; -drum-n-bass; -electro; -tech house and other.   Get an additional Pitch Shifter FX and free preset - Deep House. Create music and mix!  …
mic app
A long-awaited update of your favourite mic app!
Great news for everyone who loves singing. Meet the updated version of Pro Microphone app. This mic app contains 3 types of microphones: studio, condenser and dynamic. We've included the shop, where you can find additional loop tracks for sound recording and backing tracks for your records. Sing, speak and record anything you want, adjust sound characteristics using FX sounds or…
radiohead news
Grand Radiohead news for the fans
After over three years of musical inactivity, a hyped English rock band Radiohead has announced their first U.S. concerts in four years. Although the detailed information on the event remains to be revealed, the dates of performances have already been provided: July 26 and 27th at New York's Madison Square Garden and August 4th & 8th at Los Angeles'…
guitar tuner
Learn the ropes with our new guitar tuner app!
Use the full power of modern technology in your music lessons! Guitar Tune - Chromatic Tuner provides a perfect visualization of the tuning process that simulates the experience perfectly. Now you can practice, hone and test your skills anywhere and anytime. Make most of every spare moment and marvel at your progress.…
Grammys awards
Rihanna is skipping this year's Grammys awards ceremony for health reasons
The upcoming Grammys awards ceremony keeps generating both excitements and disappointments this week. Among the latter there's the news that Rihanna won't making it to the event due to doctor's orders. The artist has come down with bronchitis and has been advised to give her vocal chords a rest for at least 48 hours. The audience is left to…
music creation
Discover a new approach to music creation with Song Writer!
First rule of music creation: no matter what happens, always be ready for when the inspiration strikes, don't let a good idea slip through your fingers! And what better way than to have a handy set of tools for quickly putting them down on your phone - one thing that you always carry on your person? Use Song Writer's…
best audio player
A great music player app for the party of two!
How about a bit of winter magic? Our new app will make two separate music players from a single device in a heartbeat! Sharing your phone and earbuds with someone might sound incovenient, but with Double Player - Listen Together best audio player it's anything but. Each user gets a separate channel with the option of uploading music and creating…
Minimal Techno Pads, techno app
Meet a new 2016 Year with cool techno app!
A New Year is is around the corner! It is a time of happines and presents. Why don't you pamper yourself? Download Minimal Techno Pads app and enjoy! This is a well structured drum machine for electronic music mixing. It's special edition in ultimate German style. Use 3 types of beat pads in each preset: loops, simple samples and…
Sound Action, sound effects app
Refresh your sound with sound effects app!
Are you brave enough to play with sound? We offer you a new sound effects app - Sound Action. Enjoy numerous filters and effects - all in one application!  User-friendly interface will help you to create your masterpiece!…
Ed Sheeran's taking a break from social media - and promises album number three is his best yet.
Ed Sheeran desided to take a pause and to « to travel the world and see everything» he missed. After spending more than a year gigging across the world as part of his 'X' tour, Ed Sheeran deserves to take some time off to regroup - and it looks like the singer feels the same way. "To my family and friends,…
audio editor app
Get free audio editor app to make work with audio files more convenient!
Audio editing has always been considered a difficult process. But now our new Audio Editor app is here to demolish this myth! Edit your audio files fast in professional quality. This app supports all widespread audio formats and it can always be with you! If you often work with audio files, Audio Editor will be the best choice.…
Shakira is glad to welcome a Zuckerberg's child to the world.
Shakira and her partner Gerard Piqué congratulated Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan on the birth of their daughter Max.They did it on Facebook, of course. “Dear Mark and Priscilla: From parents to parents, our most heartfelt congratulations on welcoming Max to the world. Your commitment to making the world a better place than you found it, and…
Meet simple, but effective mixer app - iMix Cloud!
Have you got an active imagination? Let's check it. Meet our new mixer app - iMix Cloud - Sound Mixer. Use your favourite tracks to create unique compositions. Сhoose music from your SoundCloud library and feel like a real musician. …
Taylor Swift met with her fan, who is losing hearing.
When 12-year-old Jorja Hope was diagnosed with a condition that causes “progressive, inner-ear hearing loss” and will eventually cause her to go deaf, the first thing the young music fan said was "I won't be able to hear Taylor Swift sing.” Thanks to her twin sister and Sydney radio station Nova 96.9, Jorja not only got the chance see…
Adele's '25' Sells 2.3 Million in first three days in U.S., Aiming for 2.9 Million Debut Week
It took but three days for Adele's 25 to officially join the list of best received albums that have sold a million copies within the first week after release. 25 has currently sold no less than 2.3 million copies in the U.S. - an achivement only 20 albums have accomplished ever since Nielsen Music started tracking sales back in…
Get one of the best radio apps for free!
Absolutely new format of radio app is waiting for you. AirVibes - Online Radio Stream will suit any taste! Now you can sort the channels by genre or by mood. 15 different genres from jazz to rock. 18 shades of mood will help you to relax and make listening to music a real pleasure. Download of the best radio…
A real gift for music fans - electro music making app!
Electro music is at the top of popularity Have you ever dreamed of creating it yourself? We give you such an opportunity with Electro Music Mixer music making app. There you'll find: huge pack of loops, samples and oneshots, a music visualizer and lots of other useful stuff. Amaze your friends with your own unique electro music!    …
Bob Dylan's «Forever Yong» was chosen by X Factor as this year's winner's single.
The Sun report that the ITV show's boss has, somewhat earlier than usual, decided upon Bob Dylan's 1974 classic, Forever Young, to be released by the 2015 champion. Whoever is crowned winner this year will be aiming for a Christmas number one with the Bob Dylan classic 'Forever Young', according to The Sun. Twitter users are not impressed with this choice.    …
Get our updated free dj app DJ Mix Pads 2!
Great news! Our DJ Mix Pads 2 app has been updated!Besides you have an opportunity to download an APK from our site now. DJ Mix Pads 2 is a unique app which contains a big collection of samples and loops in different music styles. Add effects and filers to make your track unforgettable! Get this free dj app right now and dive…
“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” ― Johnny Depp
Kylie Jenner pleased her fans with a series of videos of her getting inked up and exchanging tatoos with artist Keith McCurdy. We guess her new ink is on her hip. And it looks like Keith’s newest tattoo — a red crown with the letter K under it, courtesy of Kylie — is on his leg. But the question is: just what does…
Meet our renovated Music Paradise Player!
We are glad to inform you that our hit app Music Paradise Player got update! We added control on lock screen and favorites bar for your convenience. Enjoy music without any problems, even without Internet connection!…
A good reputation is more valuable than money. P. Syrus
The rumor of Beatles doesn't disappear with years. John Lennon's long-lost acoustic Gibson J-160E was sold for $2.41 million. This instrument used in recording of Please Please Me and With the Beatles Lps. Lennon purchased the Gibson at Rushworth’s Music House in Liverpool in September 1962 for £161. The guitar, which was lost for over 40 years, sold for…
Try working with different music styles!
Hey, music maniacs! Great news for you: in the near future you’ll get to meet our update of DJ Mix Pads 2 - Remix Version! This top music app contains a great variety of samples and loops in different music styles such as electro-house, dubstep, house, neurofunk and hip hop. Try to create music of different genres and make your best…
November schedule of Paco Osuna
Real fans of techno and tech house know the name of Paco Osuna even better than their own names. This creative Spaniard has been creating his modern and  highly danceable electronic music for over a decade. Osuna released his debut album 'Long Play' via Hawtin's heroic label and has been heavily affiliated with Enter for the past few years. He's…
Wanna become a real DJ?
Meet our new app DJ Mix Maker 2 - Party Hard!  This app was created for those who want to become a DJ, but don’t want to spend money buying expensive equipment. Everything you need is collected in one application: combination of turntables, effects and filters, beat pads and crossfader. Party hard with app DJ Mix Maker 2!…